Introduction to CONTROL-M for z/OS

Duration: 3hrs

The Introduction to Control-M for z/OS course begins by describing the need for workload scheduling, introducing BMC Control-M for z/OS and describing its general function. It then looks at how this product is accessed using a traditional 3270 interface, as well as the Control-M EM GUI.

Defining and Scheduling Jobs Using Control-M for z/OS

Duration: 4hrs

The Defining and Scheduling Jobs Using Control-M for z/OS course works through the process of creating definitions used to schedule jobs. It begins by introducing the concept of calendars, and describing how various types of calendars can be created. It then jumps to the actual job definition, describing how it can be used to provide diverse scheduling requirements. Automated actions performed following job completion are also discussed. The final module delves into the use of system and user-defined variables and describes how they can be used to dynamically modify JCL submitted from a Control-M job definition.

Monitoring and Managing Job Processing

Duration: 4hrs

The Monitoring and Managing Job Processing course describes how jobs are monitored using the Active Environment screen, looking at job statuses and commands used to manipulate jobs. It then turns to the monitoring and management of other Control-M components, including the log, conditions, and control and quantitative resources. In the final module, an overview of the utilities that run automatically, and those that can be invoked manually, are discussed, as well as the types of reports that can be run, are covered.