Data Center Storage Management z/OS 2.5 Series

Storage – Introduction to Storage and Disk Systems z/OS 2.5

Duration: 3hrs

This course describes how data center storage has evolved and its future in this environment. It then focuses on the hardware and software that comprises today's disk and flash systems and how this meets the need of the data center.

Storage – Understanding Tape Storage z/OS 2.5

Duration: 3hrs

This course discusses how tape usage in data centers has evolved and looks at the purpose of this medium in today's environment. An overview of tape storage capabilities is discussed before looking at the emergence of virtual tape and how it is either replacing traditional tape systems, or working with them, to meet the data storage demands of the enterprise.

Storage – Networks, Administration, & DASD Management Using ICKDSF z/OS 2.5

Duration: 4hrs

This course provides an overview of network storage configurations and the monitoring and management tasks associated with the Storage Administrator role are also discussed.

Storage – Managing z/OS Data Using DFSMS Constructs z/OS 2.5

Duration: 5hrs

This course introduces you to the family of DFSMS products that are used to manage z/OS data and then focuses on the creation and implementation of data, storage and management classes, as well as storage groups, to automate processes in the storage environment.

Storage – Storage & Tape Administration Using DFSMShsm & DFSMSrmm z/OS 2.5

Duration: 3hrs

Initial content discusses space administration needs looking at data center backup and migration requirements, and then showing how this is achieved using DFSMShsm. The management of tape volumes and labels using DFSMSrmm is also covered in detail.