HLASM Assembler Language Series

Assembler Introduction

Duration: 5hrs

The Assembler Introduction course discusses the basics of mainframe assembler programming covering number systems, architecture, instructions, syntax and addressability.

Assembler Instructions

Duration: 7hrs

The Assembler Instructions course describes how to code instructions which will perform: arithmetic calculations, data comparisons and branching. Details of various Assembler linkage conventions and how they are used are also discussed.

Assembler Macros

Duration: 5hrs

The Assembler Macros course describes the syntax and coding required to create an Assembler macro. The course also looks at the function of several system macros that are available for use.

Assembler Programming

Duration: 8hrs

The Assembler Programming course addresses advanced programming techniques, discussing topics dealing with re-entrant programs and programs that utilize access registers to address data spaces. This course also looks at the interpretation of program listings.

Assembler z/OS Advanced

Duration: 5hrs

The z/OS Assembler course covers introductory concepts, Instructions, z/OS Architecture, etc. It instructs the student on programming using assembler language mnemonics, provides a machine code specific introduction to the z/OS architecture and covers number systems and program compilation / execution.

Assembler Cross Memory Services

Duration: 4hrs

The z/OS - Cross Memory Services course describes the components involved in cross memory communications that allow a service provider's address space to connect with a user's address space. You will also look at the linkage stack and service provider coding with an emphasis on Program Call (PC) routines and the cross memory user. Finally, you will see how data is traditionally copied in a cross memory environment, and also look at how this is performed using Data-in-virtual.