IMS v15 Series

IMS 15 Introduction

Duration: 5hrs

The IMS 15 Introduction course provides a broad overview of IMS describing its purpose, strengths and weaknesses, functional components, and processing concepts.

IMS 15 Commands

Duration: 4hrs

The IMS 15 Commands course explains the different methods in which IMS commands can be invoked and provides examples of commands used to display various IMS system activity. A detailed description of the IMS startup and shutdown process and the associated commands is also provided.

IMS 15 Databases

Duration: 4hrs

The IMS 15 Databases course covers in detail how data is stored within an IMS database and describes how it is referenced and accessed from a number of different sources. Instructions describing how to create database definitions, allocate databases and components, are also provided. IMS backup and recovery strategies are discussed as well as the use of maintenance utilities used in day-to-day operations.

IMS 15 Transaction Manager for Programmers

Duration: 4hrs

This course describes how IMS Transaction Manager (TM) is used by application programs to communicate with an organization's database content. It describes how IMS TM processes messages and the types of requests it can receive from application programs. The student is then shown how to code an IMS program and prepare it for execution. Examples using COBOL, PL/I, C, and Pascal are provided. Details on how the completed program needs to be defined to IMS is covered, as well as the use of terminals and how they are configured for IMS TM use.