JES2 2.5 Series

JES2 – Basics 2.5

Duration: 3hrs

This course describes how and why JES2 evolved and introduces the major JES2 components, their purpose, and general terminology.

JES2 – Understanding JES2 Processing 2.5

Duration: 4hrs

This course describes how JES2 devices are used, their possible statuses, and how batch jobs are processed. The final module discusses operational aspects associated with JES2 including how it is automatically and manually started and stopped, and commands that can be used when there are problems with these processes.

JES2 – Using JES2 Commands 2.5

Duration: 3hrs

This course describes the JES2 command syntax and provides numerous examples explaining the scenarios in which JES2 commands are used. An overview of commonly used JES2 commands is also provided.

JES2 – Monitoring Jobs, Initiators, and Printers Using JES2 Commands 2.5

Duration: 3hrs

This course begins by looking at the JES2 commands used for displaying printer, initiator, and spool activity, and then focuses on batch jobs and the JES2 commands used to display their status and attributes.

JES2 – Managing Batch Processing in a JES2 Environment 2.5

Duration: 4hrs

This course builds from previous training, describing commonly used JES2 commands used to manage and schedule batch job activity. It also introduces JES2 networking capabilities, describing how batch jobs can be scheduled for processing on other mainframe sites within the organization.

JES2 – Controlling JES2 Initiators and Printers 2.5

Duration: 3hrs

This course discusses the manipulation of JES2 initiator and printer resources that are associated with job, and job output, processing.

JES2 – Resolving Network and Spool Space Problems 2.5

Duration: 3hrs

This course provides you with examples of common JES2 batch job-related problems and explains the process and JES2 commands that are used to display, analyze and resolve those issues.

JES2 – Managing JES2 Checkpoints 2.5

Duration: 4hrs

This course provides detailed information relating to the function and use of JES2 checkpoints; their placement, and attributes, along with steps required to resolve problems associated with this resource.

JES2 – Identifying and Resolving JES2 System Problems 2.5

Duration: 5hrs

This course looks at JES2 initialization parameters used to define JES2 system resources and the subsequent JES2 commands used to display and resolve problems that occur with these items. The JES2 shutdown process is revisited in more detail, providing information on problem resolution techniques if JES2 cannot be shut down gracefully.

JES2 – Advanced – Tips and Tricks 2.5

Duration: .5hrs

This course contains many JES2-related tips, tricks, techniques and best-practice items that you may find useful in your day-to-day activities. It covers several new areas of functionality associated with recent z/OS releases.