Quantum Computing

Quantum – Easy Introduction to Quantum Computing – Expert Videos

Duration: .75hrs

In this expert video, Quantum computing is explored from its inception to its current state and future possibilities. The presenter delves into the specifics of what Quantum computing is and clears up common misconceptions about its purpose. The video also provides an overview of the prominent hardware and software providers in the Quantum computing space and highlights their current offerings. Additionally, the video showcases various practical applications of Quantum computing, which helps to explain the hype surrounding this exciting technology.

Quantum – Installing Qiskit on IBM LinuxONE – Expert Videos

Duration: .75hrs

This expert video delves deeper into the capabilities of Qiskit, an open-source quantum computing software development kit. The instructor provides an in-depth explanation of its functionality before demonstrating the process of downloading and installing Qiskit onto a LinuxONE server. This is done in order to prepare for the execution of a quantum program within the IBM Quantum environment.

Quantum – Quantum Computing and Qiskit

Duration: 5hrs

This course begins by looking back through history to see how calculation has evolved, and the advancements in technology and tools, which have lead us to where we are today - quantum computing. You will then see how Qiskit is used for working with quantum computers, how it is installed, and the process of connecting it to a backend simulator or real quantum computer. You will also look at the Qiskit community and how you can contribute to Qiskit's open source code. Finally, you will discover how algorithms have evolved and the role quantum algorithms will play in the future.