Administrator Report Parameters – Date Range Tips

When attempting to execute reports with specific date ranges, please refer to the rules below.

When searching between two dates: Select the PERIOD of NONE, and enter a Module Accessed Date Start and Module Accessed Date End.

When searching for specific periods(this year, last year, last week, etc.): Use the predefined PERIOD selection, but do not use it in conjunction with the Module Accessed Date Start and Module Accessed Date End selections.

When searching for records between a start date and today: Use the PERIOD selection of Since X Start Date and only use the Module Accessed Date Start selector. Do not use the Module Accessed Date End selector. The Module Accessed Date End will default to today’s date.

Note that some reports will limit the date range to 1 year.

More Tips

In the example below, we explain the data parameter options of the Course Progress Report: Custom. This report is mainly used to search courses that are in a COMPLETED status. You can follow the same points noted above for the date range tips, but if you want to use this report to also include courses that have statuses of IN PROGRESS, make sure the Course Completed Period is set to NONE and both the Course Completed Date Start and Course Completed Date End are all set to NULL. This of course will give you records for all time. This is why we recommend using the Training Activity Report for the purpose of viewing IN PROGRESS activity.