Multi-Step Authentication on MyInterskill LMS

Multi-Step authentication is an authentication method that requires you to provide two verification factors to gain access to the LMS, your password and a code generated by an authentication app of your choice on your mobile device. Since Company administrator accounts have access to many learner records, Interskill Learning requires you to use the Multi-Step Authentication and cannot be turned off. Learners on the other hand, have the option to turn this feature on or off.

Multi-Step Authentication Q&A

Why do we require Multi-Step Authentication?

Interskill Learning’s new LMS requires the use of Multi-Step Authentication on administrative level accounts only. Learner accounts have this feature as well, but it is optional. Due to administrative users having access to other users’ personal information, this is an important step in keeping your organization’s data safe and secure.

Why do we need to use a phone app and not SMS(Text)

It has been noted by security experts that using an authentication app is much more secure than using the SMS(Text) method. Interskill Learning does not offer this option since SMS authentication is too much of a risk for organizations looking to effectively secure access to their network and systems.

Can I use the authentication app I already use on my phone?

Yes, you can. We use standard Multi-step Authentication in our environment, and you may use any authentication app.

What if I can’t use a smart phone at my organization?

If you cannot use a smart phone at your office, remember that our system is accessible from any Internet connection. Some authentication apps, such as Twilio Authy, has a desktop version that can be installed on a PC.

What if I can’t use Multi-Step Authentication?

This means you will not be able to login to the MyInterskill LMS as an administrator to manage and view your learner’s progress. But the good news is that you can request monthly or quarterly reports from your Interskill Learning Consultant.

Setting up Multi-Step Authentication on MyInterskill LMS

Simply download and install your preferred authenticator app on your mobile device and create an account using the QR Code(or manual code) provided on the setup screen. Samples of authenticator apps are listed below. Note that some of these apps(Twilio Authy) can also be installed on a PC if you do not have access to a smart phone.

Google Authenticator
Android | iPhone  
Twilio Authy
Android | iPhone  
Microsoft Authenticator
Android | iPhone  

Once you have installed and setup your smart phone authentication app, you can proceed to the login screen of the MyInterskill LMS and you will be prompted with the Multi-Step Authentication setup screen. A sample is shown below.

The next time you login to the LMS, it will require that you provide the code from your authenticator application. The LMS will prompt you for this code each time you login or you can select the option to remember the browser/device you are using for 30 days. During the 30 days, you would not need to use the extra code to login to the LMS.

You can also reset these settings on the Manage Multi-Step Authentication page on the Account Settings page. You may need to reset these settings in case you change your mobile device.