While in a course, the graphics and fonts are pixelated.

If you are experiencing pixelated graphics and/or fonts within a module, most likely it is caused by a web filter on your computer and/or network environment. Security services such a Proofpoint, filter websites and can cause issues like this. You will need to turn off the URL Isolation within Proofpoint to resolve this issue(See image below). Similar web filters can cause this issue, so please refer to your specific vendor or helpdesk for assistance. Interskill recommends adding our URL to the “safelist” so it will not be filtered. Filtering could cause other issues, such as your score not recording properly. For users on our North America platform you should add https://*.myinterskill.com and for our EMEA platform you may add https://*.myinterskill.one to your safelist.

Turn Off Proofpoint URL filtering