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Interskill – Mainframe Systems Programmer – Mainframe Performance – Experienced 2.5

Interskill – Mainframe Systems Programmer – Mainframe Performance – Experienced 2.5

This badge holder has a solid understanding of mainframe performance requirements, and the tools used to obtain performance statistics. Using SMF data, this person can identify and resolve CPU and I/O performance issues and can create a workload management policy to meet organizational goals. This person can explain how software licensing costs are determined, and can also use performance data to identify future system capacity requirements.

Earning Criteria

  • Z Performance – Introduction to Mainframe Performance
  • Z Performance – z/OS I/O Performance and Capacity Planning z/OS 2.5
  • Z Performance – z/OS Performance Tools and Software Pricing z/OS 2.5
  • Z Performance – z/OS Workload Manager z/OS 2.5

Total Estimated Hours: 12

Badge Skills Tags: Systems Tuning, SMF, RMF, MSU, MIPS, LSPR, Software License Costs, I/O Performance, z/OS Workload Manager, Capacity Planning, Systems Programmer, Systems Administrator

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