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Db2 – Db2 Stored Procedures v12


3 hours


The Db2 Stored Procedures course describes how stored procedures are used and the platforms on which they can be implemented. The benefits derived from using stored procedures are discussed as well as security implications associated with them.


Programmers and DBAs requiring training in developing and managing Db2 stored procedures


Completion of the courses ‘Manage Data Definitions with Db2’, ‘Advanced Db2 SQL’ and Db2 SQL Fundamentals’, and basic knowledge of Db2, relational databases, and system design.


After completing this course, the student will be able to identify how the following programs are written with Db2:

  • Identify the benefits of Using Db2 stored procedures
  • Describe how Db2 stored procedures are used in a z/OS environment
  • Create and invoke Db2 stored procedures

Course Content

Introducing Stored Procedures

Db2 Stored Procedure Fundamentals
Db2 Stored Procedure Features
Creating and Running Db2 Stored Procedures

Introducing Db2 Stored Procedures on z/OS

Introducing Db2 Stored Procedures on z/OS
Creating Db2 Stored Procedures
Autonomous Procedures
Maintaining and Controlling Db2 Stored Procedures

Db2 – Db2 Stored Procedures v12 Mastery Test