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IBM i – CLP – Programming Functions and Messaging


5 hours


The CLP – Control Language Programming Functions and Messaging course describes the more advanced features of Control Language programming. It focuses on how to use CL message handling to monitor the correct execution of CL programs.


Programmers, system programmers and operators, and other personnel writing and updating Control Language (CL) programs.


Completion of the “CLP Control Language Programming” course or equivalent experience.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Identify built in functions (%SUBSTRING, %SWITCH, etc.)
  • Identify how to retrieve job and system values into a CL program
  • Define Program Message Queues
  • Recognize message types
  • Identify how to monitor for system messages sent to your CL program
  • Identify how to send various message types through the system by using CL programs

Course Content

CL Built-in Functions

Built-in Functions

Retrieving Values into a CL Program

Retrieving Job Values
Retrieving System Values
Built-in Functions – %Binary

CL Program Message Queues

Program Message Queues
Message Types
MONMSG Command
Global and Command Monitors

Sending Messages with a CL Program

Sending Messages
Commands for Sending Messages
Sending Messages to Users
Sending Messages Between Programs

CLP – Programming Functions and Messaging Mastery Test