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JES2 – System Initialization and Shutdown v2.4


5 hours


This course describes how and why JES2 evolved and introduces the major JES2 components, their purpose, and general terminology. A number of scenarios are presented that describe how JES2 devices are used, their possible statuses, and how jobs are processed. The final module discusses operational aspects associated with JES2 including how it is automatically and manually started and stopped, and commands that can be used when there are problems with these processes.


Operators and systems programmers requiring knowledge about JES2 concepts, particularly starting and stopping JES2.


Basic knowledge of the z/OS system


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Describe the basic tasks performed by JES2
  • Describe how JES2 processes batch jobs
  • Enter commands to display JES2 initiator status
  • Describe how JES2 job classes are used to prioritize and schedule batch job processing
  • Start and stop JES2

Course Content

Introduction to Spooling and JES2

Components and Purpose of Spooling
Terms and Messages Associated with JES2

JES2 Concepts and Facilities

JES2 Checkpointing
JES2 Commands and Control Statements
JES2 NJE/RJE Connectivity
JES2 Processing Concepts

JES2 Device Status and Job Processing Phases

JES2 Device Status
JES2 Job Processing Phases

JES2 Classes and Job Queue Characteristics

Job Queue Elements
Job Classes

Starting, Stopping, and Restarting JES2

Starting JES2
Stopping JES2
JES2 Requirements for a Normal Termination
Identify when JES2 is Not DORMANT
Displaying Activation Information
JES2 Abnormal Shutdown

JES2 – System Initialization and Shutdown Mastery Test