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IBM i – Journal Management


5 hours


The IBM i Journal Management course introduces the learner to journaling and how to manage journals.


IBM i System Administrators or those needing to perform administrator tasks.


Successful completion of the” IBM i System Administration Fundamentals” course or equivalent knowledge.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Identify the journaling functions and types
  • Implement and manage journals
  • Recover and audit a journal
  • Identify and implement remote journaling options

Course Content

Functions and Types of Journaling

Function of Journaling
Types of Changes that can be Captured in Database Journals
Function and Benefits of Commitment Control
Implementing Commitment Control

Implementing and Managing Journals

Steps to Configure Journaling
Options for Receiver Management
Displaying Journal Configuration
Remote Journaling Overview

Journal Recovery and Audit

Forward Recovery
Rollback Recovery Receiver
Capturing and Displaying Journal Detail for a Database File

Remote Journaling

Options for Remote Journaling
Configuring Remote Journaling
Activating and Inactivating Remote Journaling
Communications Requirements
Security Set Up

IBM i Journal Management Mastery Test