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Linux on z Systems Fundamentals


5 hours


The Linux on z Systems Fundamentals course discusses common Linux distributions for the z systems environment, how Linux is accessed, its operational implementation, and the general monitoring and management of Linux. The Administrator module provides an overview of the tuning, monitoring, and analyzing tasks performed by the Linux Administrator and contains tips for best practice in these areas.


Anyone new to the Linux environment would benefit from the Introduction module, while System Operators and Linux Administrators should undertake the other relevant modules.


For those undertaking the Introduction module, a general knowledge of z/VM concepts is required, or z/VM Concepts and System Initialization course. Those undertaking the operations and administration modules should have the above knowledge in addition to the skills and knowledge associated with the Monitoring and Controlling z/VM Operations course and the Managing Guest Operating Systems course.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Identify Linux distributions used on z Systems
  • Describe the configuration in which Linux is installed
  • Describe how PuTTY and VNC are used to access Linux systems
  • List the processes involved in implementing and managing Linux on z Systems
  • Identify the products, tools, commands and processes used to gather and analyze z/VM and Linux system data
  • Describe z/VM and Linux on z Systems resources that can impact on performance

Course Content

Introduction to Linux on z Systems

Common System z Linux Distributions
Obtaining Linux Skills and Knowledge
Understanding Virtualization, z/VM and Linux
Benefits of Using Linux on System z
Accessing Linux Systems Using PuTTY and VNC

Linux on z Systems Operations

Planning and Implementing of Linux on System z
Distribution Tools and Utilities
Linux on System z Backup Options
Tools and Commands Used to Gather Linux System Data
Running Linux Dumps and Traces

Introduction to Performance and Tuning with Linux on z Systems

Understanding Performance Standards
Performance Monitoring and Management Basics
Performance Monitoring Tools, Utilities, and Commands
Real and Virtual Processor Requirements
z/VM and Linux Memory Configuration
Managing Disk I/O Performance

Linux on z Systems Fundamentals Mastery Test