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Managing CA Workload Automation Restart Option for z/OS Schedulers


4 hours


This course looks at the interaction that users have with CA 11 in order to determine the status and attributes of job information stored in the CA 11 database. It also identifies how CA 11 data can be used for generating reports. Common online commands and batch generation programs are discussed in detail, while the last module focuses on possible CA 11 problems and resolution and includes an overview of backup and recovery strategies associated with CA 11.


System programmers, application programmers, operations analysts, and production support personnel requiring operational knowledge of CA 11


Completion of the CA Workload Automation Restart Option for z/OS Schedulers Overview course.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Enter commands used to display and update CMT data
  • Create and run JCL to generate CA 11 batch reports
  • Identify CA 11 system options and their purpose
  • Analyze common CA 11 abends

Course Content

CA 11 Online Facility

CMT Inquiry and Update Commands
CINQ and CUPD Commands
Displaying Job and Step Data Using LJOB and LSTP Commands
REST Command
CA 7 Interface to CA 11
Simulating Production and Rerun Processing
Displaying System Options Using the OINQ Command
CA 11 Help

CA 11 Batch Reports

Benefits of CA 11 Batch Processing
JCL Requirements
Overriding Batch Report Defaults
Online Batch Driver Report
CMT Inquiry and Update Batch Jobs
Pre-Processing Batch Jobs
CA 11 Management Reports

CA 11 Problem Identification and Resolution

Displaying CA 11 System Options
Common CA 11 Abends
CA 11 Backup and Recovery Processes
CA Support

Managing CA Workload Automation Restart Option for z/OS Schedulers Mastery Test