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SDSF – Concepts and Operation 2.4


8 hours


The SDSF – Concepts and Operation course describes the purpose of SDSF, providing details on how it is accessed and how you interact with it. The course then explains how data is located and the use of filtering commands to display specific information. Details of SDSF initialization and shutdown are provided with solutions to common problems. Finally, a description of SDSF logs and how they are used is covered.


Operations, programming, and technical support personnel requiring an overview of SDSF functionality and operation.


A basic understanding of z/OS concepts and JES operation.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • List the main functions of SDSF
  • Navigate through and interact with SDSF screens
  • Configure SDSF screen data
  • Use logs to display system activity
  • Control the operation of the SDSF product

Course Content

Introduction to SDSF

What is SDSF?
SDSF and Job Processing
Online and Offline SDSF Processing
Accessing SDSF
SDSF Screen Attributes
Navigating through SDSF
Help and Tutorials
Using Search Option

Interacting with SDSF

Defining SDSF Panel Defaults
Using Action Characters and Overtypeable Fields
Entering MVS and JES Commands
Printing Screen Data
Using the SNAPSHOT Command

Filtering Screen Data

Displaying and Hiding Filtering Criteria
Filtering by Job Name, Destination, Owner and System Name
Filtering by Temporary Selection
Using the Filter Command
Filtering Options in the Operlog
Filtering Using the Action Bar

Searching For and Reconfiguring Data

Using the Find and Locate Commands
Arranging Screen Columns
Modifying Column Widths
Displaying Sort Filters
Defining Sort Criteria

Operating the SDSF Server

Initializing SDSF
Starting and Stopping the SDSF Server
SDSFAUX Address Space
Displaying and Modifying SDSF Server Attributes
Displaying Server Communications Details
Identifying SDSF Server Problems
SDSF Abends
Using a SDSF Trace

Accessing and Interpreting Log Data

Accessing the Log
Understanding and Responding to WTOR Messages
Differences between SYSLOG and OPERLOG
Filtering the OPERLOG
OPERLOG Message Coloring
Working with the User Log

SDSF – Concepts and Operation Mastery Test