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z/VM – System Initialization and Shutdown z/VM 7.3


4 hours



The z/VM – System Initialization and Shutdown course examines the processes used for z/VM start-up and shutdown.


Any IT staff whose role is to start or shutdown z/VM.


Successful completion of the Interskill z/VM – Introduction and Concepts course, or equivalent knowledge.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Recognize the Steps Taken to Start z/VM
  • Identify the Purpose of Service Virtual Machines and How They Process Work
  • Start Production Virtual Machines
  • Identify How and Where CP Commands Are Entered
  • Display the Status of System Resources and Virtual Machines
  • Send Messages to Users
  • Identify the Procedures That Precede a z/VM Shutdown
  • Perform a z/VM System Shutdown

Course Content

Starting z/VM, Service, and Production Virtual Machines

z/VM Warm, Force, Cold, and Clean Start-ups
Commonly Used Service Virtual Machines
Service Machine Tasks
Starting Service Virtual Machines
IPLing the Production System Virtual Machine

Ensuring z/VM System Readiness

What is the Control Program (CP) and How is it Used?
Interacting with CP
Introduction to Privilege Classes
Performing Post Initialization Tasks
Checking the Status of Service Machines
Checking Production System Applications
Communicating with Users

Shutting Down z/VM

Informing Users of a Shutdown
Shutting Down the Production System Virtual Machine
Shutting Down the Service Virtual Machines
Performing a Controlled Shutdown
Performing an Immediate Shutdown

z/VM – System Initialization and Shutdown z/VM 7.3 Mastery Test