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Zowe Foundations

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3 hours


The Zowe Foundations course begins by describing the features of Zowe, and the major components that comprise this product: Zowe Application Framework, Zowe Command Line Interface (CLI), Zowe Explorer, Zowe Desktop, and API Mediation. Examples show how users interact with these Zowe components and the advantages of using them. The course then dives into more detailed information, describing how Zowe and its components are started and run, describing any prerequisites that are required. The default capabilities of each component is presented as well as methods that can be used to create or import additional functionality. The final module in this course looks at the installation and customization possibilities when dealing with Zowe server and client components.


This course is primarily aimed at system programmers/administrators and application developers.


General knowledge of z/OS concepts and capabilities.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • The major components that comprise Zowe
  • Zowe processes that are available after Zowe startup
  • How the Zowe server and client components can be installed

Course Content

Introduction to Zowe

Zowe Features
Zowe Application Framework
RESTful Services
The Role of z/OSMF
Zowe Command Line Interface (CLI) Purpose
Zowe Explorer and VSCode
API Mediation
API Catalog
Zowe Security
Locating Zowe Information
Zowe Desktop
Benefits of Implementing Zowe

Working with Zowe

Zowe Startup Script
Zowe Processes
Zowe Cross Memory Server
Communicating with Zowe Components
Running Zowe Server Processes in a Docker Container
Zowe Client Components
Zowe SDK
Extending Zowe
Zowe Application Framework Plugins
Zowe Application Framework Services
Adding RESTful Services to the API Catalog
Zowe CLI Features and Plugins
Zowe Conformance Program

Zowe Installation and Customization

Zowe Server Components and Where They Can be Installed
z/OS Prerequisites for Zowe Server
Convenience Build Process
SMP/E Build Process
Zowe Server Instances
Docker Images
Installing Plugins
Zowe Client (CLI) Components
Supported Client Platforms
CLI Prerequisites and Installation Process
Installing CLI Plugins
CLI Profiles
Installing and Configuring Zowe Explorer

Zowe Foundations Mastery Test