JES3plus Series

JES3plus – JES3plus Fundamentals

Duration: 3hrs

This course provides an introduction to the evolution of mainframe processing, which led to the development of the job entry subsystem, JES3plus. Key concepts about JES3plus and how it manages system resources and workflow are covered along with details on who needs to interact with JES3plus regularly.

JES3plus – JES3plus for System Operators

Duration: 1hrs

This course gives system operators insight into JES3plus commands that are used in performing inquiries on jobs and devices, how to modify a job’s properties, and how to vary the status of devices. Also discussed are commands used to start and stop JES3plus and what start options can be used and when.

JES3plus – JES3plus for System Programmers

Duration: 1hrs

This course provides learners with an introduction into how JES3plus is initialized at start up and how the initialization stream is used to identify system resources to JES3plus. Following on, the learner is shown what resources need to be defined to JES3plus such as spool data sets, checkpoint data sets, mains, storage, and buffers among others which are all vital to JES3plus’ processing functionality.

JES3plus – JES3plus for Application Programmers

Duration: 1hrs

In this course application programmers are shown how, through the use of job control language (JCL), JES3plus control statements can be used to provide special instructions to JES3plus to perform on their jobs during job processing. Also discussed is how deadline scheduling can be implemented to make the best possible use of available resources along with dependent job control which can be used to control the flow of jobs based on specific conditions.