REXX Programming Series 2024

REXX – Fundamentals

Duration: 4hrs

This course introduces you to REXX, describing why it is still popular today and the myriad of resources that are available to help build your skills and knowledge. It also looks at the main features of REXX and how coding in this language can benefit various job roles within the organization. Before diving into the actual REXX code, an overview of REXX programming editors is provided to assist you in identifying appropriate work tools for use with this programming language.

REXX – Coding and Execution Basics

Duration: 4hrs

In this course you will discover that REXX has simple syntax and coding requirements compared to many other programming languages. You will look at the general structure of a REXX program concentrating on the types of data that can be coded. This is then wrapped around best practices, using your organization's standards and general programming rules. Finally, you will see where and how REXX program code is stored, and the different ways it can be invoked.

REXX – General REXX Instructions

Duration: 3hrs

In this course you will begin by seeing how simple arithmetic calculations are performed using REXX, and then progress to more powerful complex calculations. You will see how a simple REXX conversational program is built, and how data passed to a REXX program can be parsed to create variables. The value and use of compound variables is also examined.