TSO/ISPF for z/OS v2.5

Designed to introduce learners to data set use, the course describes how TSO commands are entered to display catalog and data set details, and how ISPF is used to display, create, and modify data set attributes and contents.

ISPF (z/OS) – TSO and ISPF Basics 2.5

Duration: 3hrs

The TSO and ISPF Basics course explains the purpose of TSO and ISPF, and describes how each of these products is accessed. Common TSO commands are presented, providing scenarios where they are used. ISPF screen navigation using commands, and the ISPF Action Bar, are also discussed.

ISPF (z/OS) – Configuring ISPF for General Use 2.5

Duration: 3hrs

The Configuring ISPF for General Use course explains how ISPF product defaults are displayed, and how they can be modified to suit the user's requirements. The use of function keys is discussed as well as the methods used to create, and navigate to, multiple logical ISPF screens.

ISPF (z/OS) – Managing Data Files and Definitions with ISPF/PDF 2.5

Duration: 5hrs

The Managing Data Files and Definitions with ISPF/PDF course explains how to use the ISPF menu options to display the contents of Data Sets and how functions such as; copying, printing, renaming, and deleting are performed on these objects.

ISPF (z/OS) – Displaying and Manipulating Data in View and Edit Mode 2.5

Duration: 3hrs

The Displaying and Manipulating Data in View and Edit Mode course explains how to access a data set in View and Edit mode, and explains the difference between these modes. It then describes how to scroll and navigate in Edit mode, and introduces the common edit line commands.

ISPF (z/OS) – Using Edit Primary Commands 2.5

Duration: 3hrs

The Using Edit Primary Commands course describes the commands used to display and update data in ISPF edit mode. This function allows you to perform multiple changes to all, or part of the data, being edited. This course also discusses how data from an edit session can be saved, exited without saving, and copied to another data set or partitioned data set member.

ISPF (z/OS) – Advanced ISPF Data Editing Techniques 2.5

Duration: 3hrs

The Advanced ISPF Data Editing Techniques course describes how various tabbing facilities can be used in an ISPF edit session to automatically place the cursor in specific columns, allowing for easier bulk data entry. It also discusses how boundaries can be defined to the data being edited and looks at edit data profile attributes, and how they can be updated.

ISPF (z/OS) – Advanced – Tips and Tricks – TSO 2.5

Duration: 2.5hrs

This course contains many TSO and ISPF-related tips, tricks, techniques, and best-practice items that you may find useful in your day-to-day activities. It covers several new areas of functionality associated with recent versions of z/OS.