VSAM z/OS Series

VSAM – Introduction to VSAM z/OS 2.5

Duration: 1hrs

This course provides the learner with a basic understanding of the VSAM access method and VSAM data sets on z/OS. It introduces what VSAM is and when it is used. It includes information on the different VSAM data set types, when each is used, and their internal structure.

VSAM – Defining, Altering, and Deleting VSAM Data Sets z/OS 2.5

Duration: 3hrs

This course describes how VSAM data sets are created using the IDCAMS Utility, or by using JCL statements. It also discusses how alternate indexes on creating, copying, deleting, and managing VSAM data sets using JCL, TSO/E commands, the IDCAMS batch utility, and other tools is also covered. Finally, other products used to manage VSAM data sets are introduced - both from IBM and other vendors.

VSAM – Working with VSAM Data Sets z/OS 2.5

Duration: 3hrs

This course discusses various methods for displaying, and printing all, or partial, data from a VSAM data set. It also describes how IDCAMS can be used to copy VSAM data and introduces several other products used to manage VSAM data sets.

VSAM – Managing VSAM Data z/OS 2.5

Duration: 3hrs

This course explains how VSAM data can be configured, allowing it to be shared by jobs, TSO users, UNIX processes and started tasks. It also addresses recovery options available when VSAM data is shared. A detailed explanation of parameters affecting VSAM performance is covered as well as the types of utilities used to capture VSAM performance statistics.

VSAM – Advanced – Tips and Tricks z/OS 2.5

Duration: .5hrs

This course contains many IDCAMS utility tips, tricks, techniques, and best-practice items associated with VSAM data.