z/OS 2.5 Series

z/OS – Concepts 2.5

Duration: 4hrs

The z/OS Concepts course describes the evolution of mainframe enterprise computing and provides descriptions of the major components that comprise today's z/OS environment.

z/OS – Managing and Processing z/OS Data 2.5

Duration: 4hrs

The Managing and Processing z/OS Data course describes how I/O, which is the reading and writing to external devices such as disks, tape, printers, and networks, is performed in a z/OS environment. It then discusses the various z/OS-related resources that can be shared and the role of workload management in prioritizing workloads.

z/OS – Initializing and Terminating the z/OS System 2.5

Duration: 4hrs

The z/OS - Initializing and Terminating the z/OS System course describes what actions occur as part of a z/OS system initialization, and then delves into the system data sets and configuration libraries responsible for defining z/OS system characteristics. The final module in this course simulates a z/OS system start-up and shutdown, describing the most common commands and operator responses.

z/OS – Displaying z/OS System Activity 2.5

Duration: 4hrs

This course introduces z/OS commands that can be used to display the status and attributes of various z/OS tasks and devices.

z/OS – Advanced z/OS Monitoring Facilities 2.5

Duration: 4hrs

This course provides an overview of system monitoring tools and facilities such as RMF, z/OSMF, traces and EREPS as well as a description on how SMF data is created and managed. This course also discusses the need for message suppression and describes how this is achieved.

z/OS – Identifying z/OS System Problems 2.5

Duration: 5hrs

The Identifying z/OS System Problems course explores some of the processes, commands, and tools that are used in identifying system problems. It describes how common system problems are recognized, and the steps that can be taken to assist with problem resolution, including dumps and analyzing the catalog address space.

z/OS – Removing Tasks from the z/OS System 2.5

Duration: 3hrs

This course describes the processes and commands required to remove tasks, users, and batch jobs from a z/OS system.

z/OS – Techniques for Handling General z/OS Problems 2.5

Duration: 3hrs

This course introduces several techniques and processes used to assist with resolving z/OS system problems.

z/OS – Advanced – Tips and Tricks 2.5

Duration: 2hrs

This course contains many z/OS-related tips, tricks, techniques, and best practice items that you may find useful in your day-to-day activities. It covers several new areas of functionality associated with z/OS 2.4 and z/OS 2.5.