Okta Configuration Guide

Supported Features

  • Single Sign-On (OpenID Connect) initiated via Okta.
  • Connect existing users to their Okta accounts, or create new users on initial Okta authentication.


  1. Install the Interskill application in your Okta organization.
  2. You must already have an Interskill company account with Okta single sign-on enabled (currently only available with an Enterprise License).

Configuration steps

  1. In your Okta admin area, navigate to the Applications page, click on the MyInterskill application and navigate to the Sign On tab.
  2. Note the values of Client ID and Client secret (click the eye button to toggle the visibility).
  3. Click OpenID Provider Metadata and note the value of the issuer (this should be a URL that looks something like: https://companyname.okta.com).
  4. Decide how you’ll match your Okta users to your existing MyInterskill users. The options are:
    • Okta email to LMS email
    • Okta email to LMS login ID
    • Okta subject ID to LMS login ID
  5. In your MyInterskill account, go to Help > Contact a Learning Consultant and click on the email address of your learning consultant.
  6. Email your learning consultant with the following details:
    • Subject: Request for Okta Integration
    • Your company name
    • Client ID (from step 2)
    • Client secret (from step 2)
    • Issuer URL (from step 3)
    • Your desired method for matching users (from step 4)
  7. Your learning consultant will provide you with the following details to complete the integration. You’ll need to enter these details into the application settings in Okta:
    • Sign-in redirect URI
    • Initiate login URI
    • Sign-out redirect URI
  8. Test your integration

Troubleshooting and Tips

There are a number of reasons why a user’s login attempt may fail. However for security purposes, the reason will not be known to the user. If a user is unable to login, contact your learning consultant and provide them with the user’s details so we can help you troubleshoot.